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If you are confused about deciding the best choice for making healthy & delicious food, then no need to stress out, here is your perfect solution- Saras, creating lives healthier through quality food products to your dining table. We have authentic & rich spice blends that are ground & mixed to guarantee the best quality & freshness. Pick from over various gourmet spice blends & food products that signature our creations. We believe in collecting the best to deliver the best. So, we acquire our raw materials from the fields of various regions of India to ensure the authenticity of that specific area. Our product repertoire includes Spices Powder, Blended Masala, Breakfast Cereals, Ready to Cook & Eat, Edible Oils & Rice Products.
Being the AGMARK certified company, all our products are compliant to the set of quality standards approved by the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection, an Attached Office of the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare under the Ministry of Agricultural & Farmers Welfare. This test incorporates microbiological analysis, chemical analysis, aflatoxin analysis & pesticide residue. So, we strictly adhere to ensuring healthy quality standards for all our food products.
Furthermore, we use Retort Technology in food processing & packaging to sterilize food products & to extend their shelf life. With this retort technology, food products are heated in hermetically sealed containers to stop microbial spoilage. So, it is the best solution to meet consumers' concerns about whether ready to cook products meet that high-quality standard & is safe to consume. Well, with the adaptation of retort technology in our Food Processing & Preservation system, you will get the assurance of extending shelf life and ensuring food safety; on top, it will save your time & energy in cooking.
Our business footstep & loyal customers across the world are our testimonials for reliably conveying the best grade of spices in varied forms per year. Until now, we are successfully continuing our journey to gaining our customers' trust through their taste buds by giving the authentic taste and experience of Indian Cuisines.


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Every time you cook for your dear ones & guests, you ensure that you pick the good ingredients,  fresh vegetables, cooking medium, quality flavors & all that would make food more nutritious &  yummier.  Anyhow, how frequently do you pay attention to the utensils that you cook in? Indeed, until now you have not been paying regard to it, realize that the cookware that is used for cooking has a great positive or negative effect on the food being prepared in it.
Aluminum is an easily available metal that is seen in plenty around us. Also, that is the reason kitchenware made of this metal is less expensive than steel or any ceramic type, which attracts to restaurateurs on a budget. So far, as we know, aluminum cooking ware is usually light in weight. Hence big aluminum pots & other commercial catering stuff made from this aluminum metal are very easy to carry & of course for its operation too, which is unbelievable when you are moving pots & skillets every day or night.  Whereas stainless steel is very dense in relating to aluminum, so it’s difficult to carry & handle.  
When it comes to strength, aluminum vs steel is hardly a competition. Steel is not much harder & not much easier to mold or bend. Though aluminum can be hard-anodized to present it much stronger & this ensures aluminum as an effective durable material as long as it is well maintained.  Therefore, aluminum utensils are actually stronger than steel. So, if you require to attain strength but have to limit the weight of the components, then aluminum is the right choice.  As well, aluminum is a perfect heat conductor. That is why it heats up quickly, & it is ready for cooking in seconds of the thermal conductive properties.  Furthermore, aluminum utensils are more corrosion resistant than steel utensils.
So, if you want to harness the benefits of aluminum, try to purchase the ISl mark aluminum utensils from the right source. For this, you don’t need to look anywhere else!!! Right here you get the best ISI marks aluminum utensils from the leading best aluminum manufacturing company in Kerala, Anna Group. Being the top player in the aluminum industry in Kerala, we conquered the market with our  99% pure aluminum products & ISI approved superior quality products. Moreover, we have cutting-edge manufacturing units, an extensive retail network, & widespread chain of exclusive showrooms across the world.
With Aluminum Utensils Get the Best Forever! So Think About It….


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